Aug. 22nd, 2010

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Since this community isn't very active and the last post was my own, I guess I am somewhat of an attention whore and decided I would crosspost my journal entries here as well.

Keep in mind I am a female in the navy and pre-everything and mostly closeted, but pass very well.
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But I figured since I shouldn't doublepost everything (like last time with the multivitamin thing) I should at the very least bring up some discussion.

Maybe there are less FtMs in other countries because the US is just so damn sexist?
I know that my FtM friend didn't care anymore once he got to Japan. Reason being "They treat me how I want to be treated here" so he didn't "need" an operation.
When I went to the topless bar, the girls commented on my voice, how young I looked, how soft my skin was, but never once did they even infer I was a girl. They called me boy, then one "corrected herself" and called me a man since I mentioned I was 22. In fact when I looked down when they mentioned how high my voice was, they were like "Oh don't worry, it's cute!"
Of course they're topless baristas so I guess they kind of have to be polite, but I think Japan is polite as a whole. I was sir'd at the airport and by taxi drivers and stuff too.

Do you think culture plays a big part in how we feel about our gender identity? Or do you think that the people who care about social status/treatment in regards to gender were never "real" transgenders?

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