Oct. 17th, 2010

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Those of you who aren't aware: T-vox.org is an awesome trans-related wiki with links and information about all kinds of resources, including medical resources. The other day I was looking over the Physicians in the United States page, and I noticed that there are several states with no listing at all. I actually found the doctor that i currently get my T from via this website, and I think it's an imprtant resource to maintain – so if anyone here knows of any resources that aren't listed, please add them.

There's also a "Physicians by region" page, and there are links at the top to pages for "specialists" (therapists, endocrinologists, surgeons, hair removal specialists, etc.) which can also be edited.

ETA: mods, can we create some tags for this? Perhaps "resources", "doctors", finding local support", etc?


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