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Since I've noticed everyone seems to be giving them and wanted to get in on the action.

I'm Nathaniel (Nate for short), sixteen years old, living in Murrieta, CA. I haven't been identifying as trans for a terribly long time; It'll be coming up on a year this July. However, it's not something I simply decided out of the blue -- For a long time before that I'd been identifying as male on most websites, felt much more comfortable hanging out with my male friends, etc. However, I do not identify as a 'manly' man; if anything, I am a terribly feminine fop and quite happy to be so. To have to give up my boots and makeup, which I love, just to assume a new gender identity to me seems to defeat the purpose of becoming comfortable in my own skin.

Before I get comments along the lines of 'you're still young, your hormones are out of whack, you should wait before you make decisions', etc -- which I realize are well-founded and just out of concern -- remember, I have another two years before I can do anything anyways. I'd have to be eighteen before anything permanent could be done, so I have a built-in time period to consider, to try the idea out, to perhaps get therapy if I can find a good place. And even when I am of age, I intend to only get hormones if this is still the path I wish to go down, and wait for surgery until later.

As for being 'out' -- I am only out to my mother, my school adviser, the school counselor, and some very close friends. The boarding school that I attend, while fairly liberal, is also very small -- and the information that I am trans could easily get back to someone who, meaning well, could accidentally mention it to my grandparents. I live with them, and they pay for and control my schooling - as well as being my legal guardians from a huge family debacle, but there's no point going into it. If they were to find out that I was trans, gay, and mildly interested in kink, all of my funding for school and college would be pulled out from under me, not to mention interacting with them would be very, very unpleasant. They are the type to preach tolerance, but only if its a set amount of space away from them. Having it in their house, I know, they would not tolerate. Of course, I will have to come out to them eventually, and I have slowly been working them towards a more open mindset -- they are nice people, please don't misunderstand, they just have slightly 'old school' views on things.

But anyways. This is my introduction. I'll try not to ramble so excessively on any posts after this; you probably won't see me much except for questions on early things such as haircuts, clothing, coming out, etc. I'm quite glad to have a community like this to pose questions to.
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