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I was diagnosed with epilepsy about 4 years ago. Up until the past six months I'd only had absence seizures (basically looks like I'm spacing out) and the occasional febrile seizure, but recently I've been having more and more grand mal seizures (the kind most people are familiar with). I've noticed that these tend to come on when I forget to do my T shot for more than about a week. Has anyone else experienced this correlation?

It's not an automatic thing, I won't just have one because my shot was due last Tuesday. However, I have noticed that the times when I've been most regular about my shot have also been the times when I've not had a single grand mal while the times when I have had them have all been during a missed shot week. I realise the simple way to test this is to just do the damned shot, but I have pretty bad needle anxiety so quite a bit of the time I'll sit down, prick myself, and chicken out before I've even hit subcutaneous tissue.
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