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Who we are: Transmen, men of transexual history, family, friends, partners, and allies.

Who we aren't: Bill O'Reilly, transphobes, homophobes, sissyphobes, racists, sexists, classists, other negative -ists.

What we do: Provide a forum for trans* men (transexual men, ftms, etc) to discuss issues pertaining to transition, life as a transguy, medical options, coming out, disclosure, and anything else relating to...well, FtM. Also, provide a resource for people who may be questioning their gender identity.

What we don't do: Police guys' gender expression, use this as a forum for your PhD in Gender Studies, jump on people for an accidental word misuse, be the PC Police in general, act like special snowflakes.

What is allowed: Pretty much anything on-topic so long as it is in prose format (no poetry, please), not inflammatory, appropriate for those under 18 (boobs and bits somewhere else, tyvm), and not one of the items banned below.

What isn't allowed: Explicit sex talk, photos of "swimsuit areas", personal ads, spam, personal attacks, community advertisements, hate speech, "do I pass?" posts, screening or deleting comments.

What goes behind a cut: Pictures larger than 360x240, any picture beyond the first, long posts (use your judgment for now, if it becomes a problem we'll come up with a clear definition).

What doesn't go behind a cut: Everything else.

Are there exceptions? Yes, of course. If you wish for something to be considered an exception go ahead and PM an admin.


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