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Since this community isn't very active and the last post was my own, I guess I am somewhat of an attention whore and decided I would crosspost my journal entries here as well.

Keep in mind I am a female in the navy and pre-everything and mostly closeted, but pass very well.

This entry is my first night out on the town, where my friends dragged me to a Japanese topless club.
This entry is my latest thoughts about this weekend, and explanations of how my friends treat me mostly like a reverse trap and nice joke.

But I figured since I shouldn't doublepost everything (like last time with the multivitamin thing) I should at the very least bring up some discussion.

Maybe there are less FtMs in other countries because the US is just so damn sexist?
I know that my FtM friend didn't care anymore once he got to Japan. Reason being "They treat me how I want to be treated here" so he didn't "need" an operation.
When I went to the topless bar, the girls commented on my voice, how young I looked, how soft my skin was, but never once did they even infer I was a girl. They called me boy, then one "corrected herself" and called me a man since I mentioned I was 22. In fact when I looked down when they mentioned how high my voice was, they were like "Oh don't worry, it's cute!"
Of course they're topless baristas so I guess they kind of have to be polite, but I think Japan is polite as a whole. I was sir'd at the airport and by taxi drivers and stuff too.

Do you think culture plays a big part in how we feel about our gender identity? Or do you think that the people who care about social status/treatment in regards to gender were never "real" transgenders?


I bought an STP device yesterday.
Not a packer or anything (though you can get a really convincing one of those here). I got what they call a "Shewee." Pretty cheap and plastic re-useable, which is what I wanted. This website helped in choosing.
Just wanted one because it would always be helpful on camping trips and stuff and I kept putting it off. Now, in Japan, I stepped into the public restroom and stepped right back out. They have the standard trough thing you have to squat over. Even to poop. I dunno about you but I suck at that, so I was just like... Yeah I'll finally get that STP.
Still not sure if I'll go into the men's or women's side though. When I went in that first time, it was the women's side since it was late at night and I was with someone who didn't know about my 'situation'.

When I finally get my new digital camera, I think I'll take my mom up on that offer to take pictures of all the different toilets other countries have. Europe was insane in the diversity and Japan really makes me wonder WHY. But then again, to them I guess it's the Americans that have fucking weird toilets.

Maybe I'll have a toilet picture blog. xP

Date: 2010-08-22 07:40 am (UTC)
finch: (Default)
From: [personal profile] finch
I don't think that it's less sexist in countries like Japan so much as the social constructs of gender are different and it's easier for people like you and your friend to pass.

Also, there are plenty of FTM people who pass but still want X or Y surgery/treatment to make themselves comfortable in their own bodies. So I don't think it can be simplified that much.

Date: 2010-08-22 06:18 pm (UTC)
pitseleh: cowboy beep boop. (music = bright eyes + arion whyyy)
From: [personal profile] pitseleh
I am going to have to agree with [personal profile] finch, here.

I will say that this bit They called me boy, then one "corrected herself" and called me a man since I mentioned I was 22 just sounds really nice to see. It made me smile.

Really long reply

Date: 2013-08-28 11:20 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] pikangie
As half Japanese who goes to Japan often and also studies a lot about societies/cultures... I can say Japan is one of the most sexist of the more modern/highly educated countries. Though I mostly go to Okinawa which has less of the sexism than around mainland Tokyo.

From my experience, the US is one of the least sexist(behind Europe/Canada). I'm not counting media/TV/jokes in this, though, just real people. People are way more accepting of LGBT people and less strict about gender roles, at least where I currently live. I do live in Daly City which is next to San Francisco, so maybe that is a factor.

One thing I hate about Japan(particularly Tokyo) is the sexism... Females and males are expected to do what tradition tells them to, and dictates their lives. Women must marry by age 24, and become perfect housewives who are like slaves to their husbands. The husbands must make money for their housewife, and those who aren't married yet must make money to impress girls. There's also really bad stereotypes about each other, especially against women.
It's a bad thing that's been going on in Japan, where many men thing that all young women want guys with money and presents. Young women are labeled as being gold diggers or prostitutes who only want a boyfriend for money and gifts.

Women are given really high expectations in order to be considered beautiful to their peers and potential lover.
Because of that, most want really big eyes, small nose, small chin, long dyed hair, short skirts or dress (instead of pants), must be skinny, perfectly(falsely) polite, etc... Basically just watching a typical Japanese Variety show on TV, you will see that most of the girls are this, whereas men look completely normal.
One of the worst in my opinion is:
"The higher her voice pitch is, the more she likes you.",
which makes some talk like 5-year old girls on helium. Though it's mostly noticeable on servicewomen, such as department store workers.

This tradition is causing many females to rebel and become independent, and males to keep to themselves as well... Which probably also leads to the declining birth rate.

If you were to come out of the closet in Japan as a Japanese, you'd probably be outcast by co-workers and acquaintances, and maybe even your entire family and relatives if they are very traditional.

If you were in school, you'd probably be bullied like crazy, plus you can't wear opposite gender uniform unless the school is extremely generous.
Though, it's harder for MTFs than FTMs when it comes to bullying, since females wearing male clothes can be seen as "cool", whereas the opposite will just get people saying "gross".

These kinds of things really make me wonder why there isn't much of an FTM or feminist presence in Japan, while MTF are far more common. It could be that there are, but many are too shy to come out due to peer pressure wanting them to become pretty women, but that's just a theory. I do know there's many who like being seen as men online, but can't say whether or not they're actually FTM or just "cross-dressing". There's not much distinction between the two terms in Japanese. I personally know many MTFs who do it simply because they want to look pretty or have autogynophilia...

It's kind of sad that I know so many MTFs, but only about one or two are even for feminism. I don't mean feminazi(where women are more than men), but rather the feminism that wants equality for both genders, and wants to make it so women aren't degraded/sexualized/restricted in society any more than men are. Most of the ones I know... enjoy being degraded and bash on feminism as if it were some conspiracy.

Sorry for the TL;dr post, and that it probably sounds more like a feminism rant... guess I had too much I needed to get off my mind. >_<
Just thought I would share my experience/observations.


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