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Since this community isn't very active and the last post was my own, I guess I am somewhat of an attention whore and decided I would crosspost my journal entries here as well.

Keep in mind I am a female in the navy and pre-everything and mostly closeted, but pass very well.

This entry is my first night out on the town, where my friends dragged me to a Japanese topless club.
This entry is my latest thoughts about this weekend, and explanations of how my friends treat me mostly like a reverse trap and nice joke.

But I figured since I shouldn't doublepost everything (like last time with the multivitamin thing) I should at the very least bring up some discussion.

Maybe there are less FtMs in other countries because the US is just so damn sexist?
I know that my FtM friend didn't care anymore once he got to Japan. Reason being "They treat me how I want to be treated here" so he didn't "need" an operation.
When I went to the topless bar, the girls commented on my voice, how young I looked, how soft my skin was, but never once did they even infer I was a girl. They called me boy, then one "corrected herself" and called me a man since I mentioned I was 22. In fact when I looked down when they mentioned how high my voice was, they were like "Oh don't worry, it's cute!"
Of course they're topless baristas so I guess they kind of have to be polite, but I think Japan is polite as a whole. I was sir'd at the airport and by taxi drivers and stuff too.

Do you think culture plays a big part in how we feel about our gender identity? Or do you think that the people who care about social status/treatment in regards to gender were never "real" transgenders?


I bought an STP device yesterday.
Not a packer or anything (though you can get a really convincing one of those here). I got what they call a "Shewee." Pretty cheap and plastic re-useable, which is what I wanted. This website helped in choosing.
Just wanted one because it would always be helpful on camping trips and stuff and I kept putting it off. Now, in Japan, I stepped into the public restroom and stepped right back out. They have the standard trough thing you have to squat over. Even to poop. I dunno about you but I suck at that, so I was just like... Yeah I'll finally get that STP.
Still not sure if I'll go into the men's or women's side though. When I went in that first time, it was the women's side since it was late at night and I was with someone who didn't know about my 'situation'.

When I finally get my new digital camera, I think I'll take my mom up on that offer to take pictures of all the different toilets other countries have. Europe was insane in the diversity and Japan really makes me wonder WHY. But then again, to them I guess it's the Americans that have fucking weird toilets.

Maybe I'll have a toilet picture blog. xP
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