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KRXQ Morning Hosts Advocate Physical and Verbal Abuse of Transgender Children.

Link goes to a blog post. There is information on it, however, from GLAAD; as well as links to more information.

K. Oh my god. This came from a west coast station too. BASED IN SAN FRANCISCO.
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Chastity Bono, civil rights advocate, journalist, author and musician, is in the early stages of changing his gender -- transitioning from female to male, TMZ has learned.

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via TMZ

(I would warn anyone who doesn't want to spend the next three hours headdesking to avoid reading the comments on the original article. People suck sometimes.)
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Albert D.J. Cashier was the shortest soldier in the 95th Illinois Infantry. In one of the few existing photographs of Cashier during the Civil War, you can faintly detect the outline of breasts under his uniform.

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Cashier/Hodgers is dead so we'll never know if s/he identified more towards the male end or just liked the freedom and cash that came with living as a man, but it's still pretty interesting.


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