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I'm not out as trans to anyone in my current city except my partner. Theoretically there are...five or six other people who know, but I never see them so it's kind of a moot point. However, at school my circle of friends default to me when they have a trans related question because most of them know my partner is trans. I don't have any problems with this, answering questions was never part of the reason I chose not to disclose.

What is amusing to me is that while my close friends ask me trans questions, everyone who doesn't know me will ask one of them. So when the Chaz Bono news broke everyone ran to one of my friends rather than me. Up until the past two or three years I was the go-to guy for all things trans related in my area (particularly when it came to transmen), now I'm not even in the top ten. I actually prefer it this way because it means I get to skip the Trans 101 stuff and talk about more important things, like why gay men really need to stop using "tranny" as the new catch-all.

It does take some adjusting to though. I instinctively start to answer questions that haven't been yet asked simply out of habit. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this as they've gotten further along in transition? Any pointers on how to learn to keep my big mouth shut? The ADHD really doesn't help, but I've managed to learn to think before I speak in most other cases.


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