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Okay guys, it's getting desperate over here in the bee hive. I have had a steadily declining libido for at least the past year, possibly two, and I'm certain it has very little to do with body image, because I am not disgusted with my body even though I'm trans. I like it, it's a good body, but it's just not for me.

My lover of two years has done worlds to help me get to that point, and yet my physical drive is still all but gone.

My private joke is that transsexuality for me is more a phsyical than a mental condition, but I was doing research on having low libido today and found out that my joke is rapidly proving eerily true: Whether my apparent lack of viable testosterone is due to all the x-rays I had as a kid, or my stint with the pill, I don't know--but the only thing that can physically cause a total absence of libido like this is a lack of T, and even normal cisgendered females have some. It's the lust hormone. I don't seem to have any, or if I do, the chemicals that stay in your system after using the pill are becoming more and more potent.

My question is this: I have no insurance, since I haven't been able to find a job for the past year, and the clinic I mentioned in earlier posts is booked because it is the only affordable one in the area. I know that our sisters get E on the sly--is it possible to get T? I don't want to be asexual! Help!


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