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Jun. 5th, 2009 10:53 am
[personal profile] floit63 posting in [community profile] ftm
I'm speaking at DC Trans Pride tomorrow. I don't do this often just because [a] I'm so different from most transguys that I don't feel comfortable speaking for everyone and [b] very few people on this coast know I'm trans. They were having trouble finding a guy though and I know one of the women organizing everything so I said I'd do it.

Since this is a Trans 101 panel designed for trans and non-transpeople alike, does anyone have any suggestions for things they'd like brought up? I already know what I want to get across, but since I'm theoretically speaking for all of you I thought I'd ask what you'd like.

Oh, and if anyone's going, feel free to introduce yourself. I won't have *too* much time afterwards (moving to a new apartment), but I'm always up for meeting new people.
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