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First off, I want to apologise to everyone for neglecting you for so long. Life got hectic and I only had time to make sure there wasn't drama being started before crashing (thanks for not causing any, btw).

Now I have a full month off (!!!) so I'm thinking of maybe putting together a few resource posts to be linked to in the profile. I'm thinking a general list of online resources (DW/LJ/DJ/etc comms, blogs, Underworks, etc), a basic Trans 101 type overview, and maybe a few subcategories.

I'd like all of these to be a community effort, it seems to be the best way to make sure everyone's voice is heard. I could put them together myself, but then it'd be biased towards my own views and my opinions aren't always the popular ones (actually, it's usually quite the opposite). What I'll do is put up an info gathering post for each of the topics and then base the actual resource posts on what's in the comments. I figure the more people contribute, the better they'll be.

So, does anyone have suggestions for other resource type posts?

Trans 101

Jun. 5th, 2009 10:53 am
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I'm speaking at DC Trans Pride tomorrow. I don't do this often just because [a] I'm so different from most transguys that I don't feel comfortable speaking for everyone and [b] very few people on this coast know I'm trans. They were having trouble finding a guy though and I know one of the women organizing everything so I said I'd do it.

Since this is a Trans 101 panel designed for trans and non-transpeople alike, does anyone have any suggestions for things they'd like brought up? I already know what I want to get across, but since I'm theoretically speaking for all of you I thought I'd ask what you'd like.

Oh, and if anyone's going, feel free to introduce yourself. I won't have *too* much time afterwards (moving to a new apartment), but I'm always up for meeting new people.


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